"Our values ​​and our corporate culture are the driving force behind ACENTUM, which we live and implement day after day."

Our six basic values ​​are:

Best employees
We strive to attract the best people to our company, to spur them to excellence and to create an environment conducive to collaboration and mutual helpfulness.

Value added for the customer
We want to increase our customers' performance and build long-term relationships by addressing their needs directly and purposefully, always adding value.

Fairness and transparency in project contracts / cooperation

Whenever possible, we offer our customers all-inclusive prices so that our customers can calculate and decide on this basis. Unfortunately, we have found that it is still the case in the consulting industry that project costs (knowingly) are over-calculated, with the aim of increasing costs later in the project. We expressly reject this practice with all decisiveness!
We count on a fair, trusting and long-term cooperation with our customers!

One of the great strengths of ACENTUM is its independence.
Our goal is to continue to be THE address in the field of Global Relocation through consistent top performance and a highly motivated, dedicated and professionally working team in Switzerland. In doing so, we have fully preserved our independence. We also use this strength to work for our customers. This independence (we have been deeply rooted and networked locally in Switzerland for many years and, for example, no subsidiary of a large corporation, headquartered in, for example, the USA) is used to leverage this independence, speed and flexibility to the benefit of our customers. In doing so, we always pursue our long-term approach and not a quarterly-oriented approach.

Our global network
We leverage global know-how, relationships, collaboration and learning to deliver excellence to our clients in Switzerland and across our global network, even abroad.

Respect for the individual
We value diversity and personal commitment, promote a trusting, open and inclusive work environment and treat each other with respect and in a manner that is in line with the values

We value ethical behavior, honesty and trustworthiness. We say what we mean, do what we say and take responsibility for our actions.

Our employees see themselves as an extended team of our customers in order to raise the cost-conscious best possible results for them and their employees. This is an important reason for many clients of ACENTUM to work with us and to recommend us. This confirms the high number of referrals by our customers, which are carried out across sectors and even across countries.
This motivates our team a lot and we see this as a confirmation of our ongoing efforts to give our customers the best possible support and to get them excited about working with ACENTUM.
It is important for us to work closely and cooperatively with our customers, but at the same time not to neglect the fun and enjoyment of work, and thus reach the defined goal together.
In doing so, we proactively develop individual, creative and future-oriented solutions and always think a few steps ahead of our customers.