Our goal is to deliver our clients always the best possible, dedicated and professional support and we are happy to receive feedback from them about our delivered services and support.

In the following you will find some of the latest feedbacks we received from our clients:

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"Our company retained the services to facilitate the relocation of a colleague from North America to our offices in Lucerne. Marco provided a high quality and very efficient service, which included finding a suitable housing, preparation and negotiation of the contract, arranging for utilities to be connected, and ancillary services such as assisting with the opening of a bank account. Our company is very pleased with the regular communication throughout the process and the outcome as our colleague and family are happy. I highly recommend Marco and the relocation services offered by ACENTUM."
D. B., Vice President / Member of Executive Management, Company AG / wholly owned subsidiary of US Corporation, Lucerne

"Thank you to you both for coaching me along the way as well as Marco's performance at the Swiss registration office. His strong relationships with local personnel and his knowledge of the processes and procedures were very impressive. Marco has a smooth style as he was able to finesse the process despite our unique desjointed scenario. Marco was very calming to our concerns and fears in making sure the process proceeds as planned. "
C. J. (USA), Global Director, Health care consulting company, Basel

"Thanks so much for the professional and dedicated support and for finding us so quickly the house with the wonderful garden. The property is gorgeous, we love it. You did a great job - I will definetly recommend you."
G. R. (USA), Director, Pharmaceutical company, Zug

"We have received excellent service and we greatly appreciate that you have found the nice apartment in our preferred area.  And so important for us was, that we were able to move in only because you was finally able to persuade the landlord, thanks to Marco's excellent negotiation skills, to allow us to move in with our family dog Jack. Also from my wife and my kids, thank you so much for your great support."
F. R. (France), Corporate Management, Industrial company, Zurich area

“Thank you for your great and very committed support in Chur and in the area around, after our move from the Unites States. Your service helped us a lot to find a very nice and fantastically located house as well as to deal with all the official formalities. And thanks to the great amount of valuable information and insider information, we (especially my wife and our 3 children) very quickly "felt at home" in the region. Thank you so much!”
F. H. (Spain), Director, Industrial company, Chur area

"On the recommendation of a friend who relocated to Switzerland with his family a few months ago with ACENTUM, I did not use the global relocation provider that my employer actually works with, but ACENTUM. And I have to say, I have never regretted it, on the contrary! Great service, excellent market knowledge, always very fast, competent answers and great commitment to the needs of my family and me. Not only a very competent, professional and implementation-oriented approach, but also a very uncomplicated and sympathetic support, especially by Mr. Daugalies."  - translated from german original -
R. W. (Germany), Chief Marketing Officer / CMO, Financial Services, Zurich

"Excellent support, always quick and dedicated response, even in the late evening and during weekend, on all my questions before, during and after my relocation to Zurich."
C. P. (Italy), Manager, Consumer goods company, Zurich

"Thank you very much for the great and professional support with the home search and with the official formalities after our move from Germany to Heerbrugg" - translated from german original -
M. V. (Germany), Manager, Industrial company, Heerbrugg

"Everything was perfectly arranged from the first contact. The home-search process was very professional and the excellent real estate market knowledge and obviously very good contacts to various real estate companies was easily visible and than we moved efficiently into our new house, in a smooth and professional way. The contact to your team was always very friendly and professional! You know your job very well and we felt the team spirit and your passion for the job! At every step of the process, also the registration at the local registration office, we had very professional, efficient and helpful support, what was appreciated by my complete family (my wife and our 3 kids)."
D. F. (France), Vice President, Pharmaceutical company, Basel

"Thanks so much for the excellent support during my relocation from the US to Schaffhausen."
F. T. (USA), Director, Industrial Company, Canton Schaffhausen

"Thank you so much for the great support, you did a great job. Thank you so much also for answering all our many questions during the relocation process with such a patience and engagement and for the extra miles you did for us."
A. H. (USA), Division Head, Industrial Company, Baden

"Many thanks for the great commitment and the great support in our move to Baar and the authorities formalities - it has everything worked very well and we have always appreciated the very competent and committed contact."  - translated from german original -
A. M. (Germany), Head of Marketing, Industrial company, Zurich

"I am very much satisfied with the support I received during my first weeks in Winterthur. Since I started my new challenging and time consuming job, I was so happy that you took away from me and my family every possible additional stress and worries regarding house-search and for doing the registration process so efficient and easy. The communication was at every step of the relocation and immigration process excellent. We do appreciate so much your dedication and that you informed us about so many fantastic locations in our region for me and my family - we are very happy that we had these information already from the beginning of our stay. Thank you so much! I have forwarded my feedback also to my HR-Manager."
H. N. (Japan), Group Management, Industrial company, Winterthur


"This relocation to Switzerland was my 7th one, at 5 different continents, but I must say the support of the ACENTUM team was the best ever. Outstanding professional services and dedication from first phone call contact until handover of the keys."
B. R. (Sweden), CEO, Industrial company, Zurich

"Thank you very much for your great support during our relocation to Rapperswil, much appreciated."
S. C. (USA), Manager, Industrial company, Rapperswil

"Many thanks to the ACENTUM team, which has always led me and my family very competent and committed through the entire relocation and work-permit approval process, and especially to Mr. Daugalies, who helped  (especially at the numerous discussions / negotiations with the various authorities and especially with the whole project organization as well as the excellent project implementation from A to Z) to choose the right company location and then in the search for the suitable office space for my company has offered a very high added value. Everything very proficient, efficient and pleasantly uncomplicated - thank you, we will definitely recommend you!"  - translated from german original -
G. H. (Germany), CEO / Entrepreneur, Financial Services, Pfaeffikon / Wollerau SZ